Site Summary

A combination of location aware smartphone app and web based back office system to give you the information you need to run your business efficiently.

"I need to know for sure that my guys are on site when they should be - MySiteView gives me that confidence for a very low cost."

"I need accurate timesheets - MySiteView gives me all the time data at my fingertips and I know it's genuine."

"For health and safety reasons I need to know who is on each site - MySiteView gives me realtime visibility. If there's a problem, I know who's there to sort it out."

Using a combination of a GPS aware smartphone app and a web based back end, MySiteView puts real time, location stamped booking on and off data at your fingertips. All data is held centrally on secure servers and can be accessed by your authorised staff to ensure that your business runs at maximum efficiency.

In addition, you can receive email notifications of bookings ... even when you are out on the road you still know that your team are on site where they need to be.

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